It's Time to invest in Sandalwood

Sandalwood is the second most expensive wood in the world. 

When we started our journey, our only focus was to provide quality plants and proper guidance to the farmers. But gradually we realized it is not possible for the farmers to go alone for a long gestation period plantation. He needs frequent assistance and moreover some allied services to overcome the problems. This leads us to transform our self and incorporate diverse services.

Sample Testing

Soil, Water, Wood


We provide experinced workforce for plantation

market facillitation
Marketing Facilitation

The company will help the farmer sell their product in the market


Pre-Plantation and Post-Plantation



We provide different kind of fencing for your farm security: Chain link, Barbed Wire, Electric fencing, Razer fencing

Why Albsan Agroforestry

Sandalwood is a long time of investment but it fetches handsome amount of money. It requires a professional care which is lacking in others. 

What You Get

Here in Albsan you get what you expect.

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